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Kosher Food Liquidators

We Buy Matzo, Gefilte Fish, Matzo Balls, Kanedala, Kasha Varnishas (grotes), Potato pancakes, Potato Latkas, Kugel,Stuffed Cabbage, Kneidlach, Kishke, Blintz, Knish, Lekach, Matzo brei, Rugelach, Meats, Seafood, Desserts

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What is Kosher? What are Kosher Symbols

There are many Kosher Supervising bodies each with their own purpose(s) and symbol.  A few of these are shown. The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, The o-u (whose symbol is the letter "u" inside the letter "o") is the largest kashrut supervising organization in the United States. The Orthodox Union is a non-profit service organization, that has been a leader in the field of kosher supervision, for more than 70 years. Through their efforts, a range of products spanning the gamut of human needs, became accessible to the kosher consumer around the world. Other Kosher Symbols include:

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Gefiltefish Deal



230 cases Packed 6 / 4 lb. Glass Jars  Rokeach & Mothers Brands Both Sell at the Club Stores for $20.00 per jar  Walmart sells 24 oz. for $8.72 per jar

Deal is on four pallets fob NE USA.  Dates are February 2015 & 2016!

Rokeach Gefilte Fish
110cs - 6/4lbs jars
EXP Feb-9-2016
Ready Jelled Broth

Gefilte Fish  White Fish & Pike In Jelled Broth
120cs - 6/4lbs jars
EXP Feb-27-2015

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